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Stream Everywhere

Imagine your event, tour or wedding being live streamed on YouTube, Facebook or right on your website. It’s a great way to promote your event, gain new sponsors, share your special day and reach a wider audience.

Clean & Crisp Audio

We can pull audio from multiple sources with the use of wireless mics, shotgun mics, lavaliers and handheld (reporter style) mics. We can even pull sound directly from a sound board giving your audience the best audio experience ever.

Live Stream Alaska

Multi-camera Coverage

Give your audience a TV-like experience with close-ups of the lead singer, wide angle views of the race finish and over head shots of your venue. The use of multiple cameras helps tell the story of your event and keeps your fans engaged with the action.

Event Reporters

We can provide news-style reporters and sports announcers to help give your event the news-worthy presentation you deserve. Your audience (and sponsors) will love it.

Who Live Streams?

Anyone can livestream. Just pull out your phone, connect to Facebook and you’re LIVE. The technology and power is here.
But if you are live streaming your wedding, or on behalf of your organization, then you need to look professional and your stream can’t fail. That’s where we come in.

We are a livestream broadcast studio than can produce TV-like quality programming right from your venue.


Give your fans full access to all your games and events.

Give your audience a “TV-like” experience with pre- and post-game interviews, sponsor commercials, highlight reels and commentator voice-over.


Give those that can’t attend your wedding a front row seat in real time.

We use multiple cameras and wireless audio to give your viewers a personal and meaningful experience.


Stream live music, performers and speakers to a broader audience and secure your reputation as a “must see” venue.

Bring in revenue through sponorships, commercial advertising, pay-per-view access and season passes.


It is important for friends and relatives to find connection and closure when a loved one has passed.

Our livestream funeral service provides a private and respectful way for those who can’t attend to still be there in heart and spirit.

How it Works

Easy as 1, 2, 3… and 4


Contact us to discuss your event, coverage needs and available options.


On the day of your event we come to your venue and set up our production equipment for live coverage.


Once your event starts, our crew springs in to action and streams your event live to the internet.


After your event is over, you can get a copy of the broadcast to use for your own purposes. We can even make a highlight reel that you can share on social media and post on your website.

Production  Requirements
Highspeed internet with a minumum upload speed of 5Mbps. Wifi. Power source.


Share the

Whether its your wedding or a sports event your friends and fans deserve a quality live experience. 82% of audiences prefer live video than traditional social media posts.

Increase Your
Fan Base

Livestreams increase the number of people that come to live events. 67% of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to an event after watching a live video.

(It sucks…)

Let’s face it, we live in a different time. It is temporary, but it’s effecting us all. Livestreams can help you maintain and build relationships with your friends, fans and customers.

fully equipped broadcast



We have everything you need to deliver a professional live broadcast.

  • Cameras: DLSRs, Go-Pro’s, pro-level camcorders and more
  • Audio: wireless mics, lavalieres, handhelds and shotgun mic
  • Lights: studio and on camera lighting
  • Software: professional livestream production software


Our crew is there to work for you. We want you to look great.

  • Camera operators capture all the action
  • Sound specialists ensure a quality audio experience
  • Reporters help tell the story of your event
  • Commentators guide your audience through all the action
  • Production manager produces the feed and oversee’s the team.


We can customize your live stream with specialized services.

  • Broadcast on your own website
  • Brand your event with your own logo
  • Simulcast your feed on YouTube and Facebook
  • Password protect your feed for exclusive viewing
  • Get a recorded copy of your event and an edited highlight reel for marketing and promotion


Having a live feed will grow your audience, build brand awareness and help increase revenue.

Live feeds give you power and control over your content. It’s an asset that you can offer to your sponsors and fans.


Selling tickets for live access to your event is a great way to make money. This is ideal for concerts, performers and large sports events.

Sponsor Advertising

Offer your sponsors special placement of ads during your broadcast. This can include lower-thirds graphics, commentator endorsements and even full length commercials.

Brand Marketing

Market your own products and services by offering special deals to your online audience. This is ideal for promotional events or organizations that offer regular pay-per-view access.

Businesses using video increase revenue 49% faster, year-over-year, than organizations without video.

How to reach us


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