Livestream Funeral Services

Live streaming a funeral service allows family and friends who are unable to attend the service the opportunity to find closure, comfort and healing.

Why Livestream a Funeral

Live streaming provides an opportunity for friends and family who can’t afford the expense of traveling or who are concerned about health issues related to COVID-19 to find comfort and community as they grieve the loss of a loved one. A livestream makes it possible for everyone to attend a funeral service.

A livestream funeral service can be recorded which provides a lasting memory that can be revisit and shared. It’s common to be preoccupied with your own grieving during a funeral service. A recorded funeral allows you the time and space to reflect on what was said and shared during the service.

Live streaming helps relieve stress and anxiety for those who are not able to attend the service in person. Nobody wants to miss the opportunity to commemorate the life of a loved one. Live streaming helps people avoid feelings of regret and remorse by giving them the ability to attend the funeral in the presence of loving and supportive friends and family.

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Respectful & Considerate Streaming

We understand the sensitive nature of grieving the loss of a loved one and work hard to ensure that our livestreams are done discreetly and professionally.

We use a multi-camera setup with a professional audio system to capture the service in real-time.

Attendees are sent a link and a password that will allow them access to a private online viewing page.

Or we can create a memorial page that allows visitors to add their own memories, sign a guest book and watch the livestream.

Livestream Features & Addons


Your livestream can have up to four cameras, each set at different locations. These cameras can be placed most anywhere in the room and provide ideal viewing opportunities for those watching the livestream.


Audio is an important part of a live streamed service. We provide lavalier (lapel) and shotgun mics to insure quality audio. If the funeral home has a sound system we can hook directly into it for the best audio experience.


Sometimes the blur of emotions can make it difficult to take in the shared memories and condolences of a funeral. Recording the service makes it possible to revisit these experiences and fully appreciate the offerings of love and support.

Online Memorial

We can create an online memorial where you can publish an obituary, add photos and videos, invite others to share memories, add a guest book, collect donations and send invitations to the funeral and livestream.

Livestream Funeral Pricing

Wireless Setup

Lower Stream Quality
Lower Recording Quality
Limited Zoom & Focus
No suitable for Low-Light

Professional Level Cameras
Increased Zoom Control
Good in Low-Light

Increase Costs
Not as Discreet as iPhones

All of Pro Package Benefits
Better Coverage
All Inclusive Pricing

Presence of Cameras More Noticeable

Please note that not all Funeral Homes have enough internet bandwidth to broadcast livestreams. In cases where this occurs, we can supplement the bandwidth with our own data. There is an additional cost of $50 for this service.